Checklist For Your Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are invites send to the recipients in the form of a letter almost a month before the wedding. A wedding is the biggest day of an individual’s life and in planning it, a lot of stress in induced due to the need for perfection. Invitations are one of the many things to do on your task list but should not be taken very lightly as they are the first part of your event that the guests will get a glimpse at. First impressions are very important and you should set the tone with this one. You can convey the theme of the wedding and any subtle or not so subtle hints about what the day will include. Not only should it be informative but should also be worded in a way that conveys that it is going to be a fun day. You want your guests to look forward to their wedding and actually build anticipation. This will lead to a more joyful wedding party as the guests will be eager to participate.

Wedding invitations are the main stationery of your wedding along with a reception card, a response card with a self-addressed envelope, here is a checklist to make sure you have covered all areas: 

Invitation have an outer envelope that is sealed and an inner invitation and business sticker labels along with a any maps or information on hotels. You can choose cotton paper with charcoal ink for this or divert from the traditional route by using different colors and bold texts along with any motifs that you like. You should order them 3 to 4 months before the wedding so the you can proof them or make any changes and then send them to the guests on time. Reply cards are sent in the invitation with a self-addressed and stamped envelope so that guests can tell the bride and groom about how many people will be attending. You must also include a date for the reply card. These days many of these cards also include dietary preferences so that any vegetarian meals can be accounted for.

Reception cards are smaller in size and inform the people about where the party will take place and at what time. People choose to play with different designs to convey the theme of the party.

The wedding program is a small booklet that provides useful information such as the date, names and the order in which the events will take place. They serve as great mementos and couples may even thank their loved ones and include an explanation of any rites that may take place during the ceremony. The pages are bound with a satin ribbon which can match your color theme.

Thank you, cards are usually handwritten and convey a message of thanks, for the guests’ presence at your wedding. They are sent a month after your wedding and may include a group photo of all your guests at the wedding.