Difference Between A Video Scoreboard And Conventional Scoreboard

Every one of us is well aware about the importance of the score boards. Score boards basically used to display the scores and ratings of ongoing match from the centuries. Management of the games display the score board in order to keep the audience updated about the scores of all teams. Manual score boards have been used by the game management to show the scores to the audiences. In early times, presenters write the scores with the chalks on the black boards. In early 1900’s, the first score board was introduced that makes the life of presenter easier. With the passage of time, these score board trend were adopted by the newspapers owners and theatre owners and they start mounting the score boards outside their offices and theatres to entertain the general public. Scores were telegraphed by the different observers and operators update the scores on the score board to keep the general public posted after that companies have introduced the large size score boards that will display the score in stadiums. These are called electronic scoreboard Australia. Score board manufacturers had installed the light bulbs into the score boards to provide the clear visibility in nights. LED scoreboards were introduced that are highly electricity efficient with bright colours. High brightness level give the remarkable results and provide the clear view to the viewers. These LED lights are more durable and long lasting then those lighting bulbs. Bulbs consume a lot of electricity as well. This is the era of video score boards, video score board offers the multiple feature as well which previous score boards could not. Video score board can be controlled by the system from anywhere in this world.

Purpose of video score board:

The core purpose of video score board is to display the score of the game in timely manners to keep the audience updated. Video score boards have good resolutions and brightness capability that grab the attention of the visitors. In past, mechanical clocks and numeral cards have been used to display the scores but this is digital era where a person is managing and updating the score remotely or sitting somewhere else. Video score boards are highly electricity efficient as well as compare to previous electric score boards. Pixels will never be erupted on the video score boards this is the major benefit of installing them. Video score boards have got the great popularity these days due to its multiple features. We are having the range of video score that can be installed in schools, colleges and stadiums.